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MP4 is an abbreviation for Moving Picture Expert Group-4.MP4 is a multimedia container format standard defined in MPEG part 14.MP4 was first released in 1998.It contained all the features that were part of previous releases and added some new features which would prove helpful in the modern technology.MP4 was a revolution for internet world as provided quicker, faster and high quality media for the users so the number of users grew rapidly. As a result of great success it became a universal standard for all types of streaming and broadcast applications online. It was a great success for the industry as well as for the residential users who could create their own streaming media in mp4 format. MP4 is a reliable format that requires less bandwidth as compared to other standards.
Video files are of substantial size traditionally. Most of the data is redundant in such files and can be removed without the user perception. As a result the files become of much smaller and manageable size. Mp4 utilizes this fact and reduces size of the files.Mp4 uses AVC (advanced video coding) technology. Mp4 also uses apples’ advanced audio coding (AAC) codec to improve old audio container formats like mp3.
There are many uses of MP4 format. An online user can enjoy different movies and streams because of MP4 format. It is used in business for hand presentations that describe different goods and services offered by a company. It’s most common use is to keep record of digital video and digital audio streams which are specified by MPEG 4.It can also be used to store subtitles and still pictures etc. It can also be used to include chapters in a multimedia file. It can also be used to store MPEG-4 presentations. When an mp4 file stores MPEG-4 presentations there are special structures that define that presentation. The biggest advantage is that it allows fast streaming over the internet. Mp4 format has revolutionized the world of entertainment and multimedia.
Mp4 gives a high quality video output which is comparable to DVD quality. With the advent of high speed broadband and internet facilities available now the videos can be easily downloaded online over the internet. There is a problem with such easily accessible videos over the internet as it violates the copyrights of some videos.
Many websites use mp4 technology to incorporate videos in their web pages.mp4 format is also a useful tool in the business field as it may be used for advertising and promotion of products. The official file extension for MPEG part 14 files is .mp4 so the name mp4 is commonly used for such files.MPEG 4 files generally have .mp4 file extension but audio only MPEG 4 files have .m4a extension.
There is not much difference between MP4 and MOV format but mp4 defines special features of MPEG like initial object descriptors etc. Quick time format which was introduced in 2001 is the basis for MP4 format.MPEG-4 defines a highly efficient video codec which utilizes the newest data compression techniques. As a result a high quality video is obtained at internet or satellite data rates. Different no of frames sizes and frame rates can be controlled by MPEG-4.MP4 audio is also very useful. It supports a variety of applications which include speech, high quality multichannel audio, natural and synthetic sounds. So, mp4 is a great alternative to traditional PC formats like AVI and WMV which are very bulky, you can convert any video format to MP4 with MP4 Converter ready to be played on small portable MP4 players.
It is also possible to incorporate streams not covered by MPEG-4 standard in mp4 file format.MPEG-4 standard defines the rules to place any stream in mp4 file format. A private track id is assigned to such streams which are not covered by MPEG-4. As mp4 is an open format so a lot of tools are available which support mp4 file format. MAC, windows, pocket PC and Linux all support mp4 file format.
MP4 format provides a great flexibility in how data is stored in a file. This is a very useful aspect of mp4 file format. There is one problem with this that is it can create files which are not possible to play back on a given device. However a layout which is not good for one device may be very efficient for another file so the final efficiency of mp4 format depends upon the usage of that format in a particular device.
Another advantage of mp4 is that it can reference media data stored in files which are not mp4 files. This is possible because an mp4 format references data from a URL by file offset rather than the data structuring mechanism of that particular file. As a result an mp4 format can reference data in any container format.
Transmuxing to mp4 format is a lossless process .This is because we are only taking out the data streams from a file and putting it in mp4 format. The MPEG-4 standard defines the “meta” atom to store the tagging information in mp4 format. It is also possible to create variable frame rate content (VFR) in mp4 format. Mp4 needs less overhead as compared to AVI Container format because as opposed to AVI the mp4 container format was designed to store MPEG-4 video and mp3.
Mp4 does not handle CRC/EDC or ECC as it expects the error detection and correction mechanism to be placed in bit streams. MPEG-4 designed the mp4 format with high scalability. This means that high bandwidth users can use the format for controlling high quality videos online while low bandwidth users can also use the format for storing files  like cell phone streaming etc.
A new codec H264 is the latest development for Mp4 format. It increases the efficiency of Mp4 format by greatly enhancing the high resolution content. H264 can increase the efficiency of Mp4 format four times at same file size. A problem with H264 is that many devices are not equipped to play back H264 format files.



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