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3GP is a new multimedia container format which is defined as Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). This format is used for 3G UMTS multimedia services. It is used in 3G mobile phones but some 2G phones also support 3GP file format. The Technical Specifications for 3Gp are found in ETSI 3GPP technical specification. 3GP is required for IP multimedia subsystem (IMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Multimedia broadcast/multicast services (MBMS) and transparent end to end packet streaming services (PSS).It is a third generation video standard that incorporates mp3,mp4,3gpp and 3gp.
3GP stores video streams in MPEG-4 or H 263 format while audio streams are stored AMR-NB or AAC-LC format. 3GP defines the image sizes and bandwidth requirements as a result the content fits the small mobile screen efficiently. Unlike the MP3 format, 3GP format includes both video and audio streams. Thus both video and audio currents are stored in a single file for this format.
The 3GP format is actually a multimedia format. The extension .3gp clearly shows that this technology is mainly incorporated in 3rd generation mobile phones. It is based on ISO base media file format. This format was defined to minimize the storage and bandwidth requirements so that mobile phones can store and download these files. A 3GP always follows the big-endian format so that the most significant byte is stored and transferred first. The 3GP format is mainly intended to use for mobile phones and devices capable of handling multimedia. Most of the mobile phone records and then play back the video using this 3GP format. A specific player is required in order to watch you mobile made 3GP videos on the PC.
The basis for 3GP file format is MPEG-4 part 12 of ISO.Some older versions didn’t support all the capabilities defined in MPEG-4 part 12 but new versions fully support MPEG-4 part 12. This format is closely related to MPEG-4 part 14 (MP4) format because MPEG-4 part 14 is also based on MPEG-4 part 12. The file extension for 3GP files is .3gp.3GP files can be viewed on PC using software like QuickTime or real player etc. In 3GP file format various things like audio, video and bit rate information is stored in a single file. Due to the compressed nature of 3GP format the size of 3GP file is very small as it is to be stored on a mobile or similar device. As stated earlier, the file with extension ‘.3gp’ stores the video content in the Mp4 format and the audio data in AMR format.
Now a day’s mobile phone and internet industry is growing fast and quick .Some websites allow the users to download content directly in to their mobile .So websites usually prefer the 3GP format for videos so that it can be easily downloaded and played in the users’ mobile. As a result the demand for 3GP videos is increasing day by day. So we can say that 3GP format is a sensation for mobile users as users can now easily browse internet and videos on websites. Also large multimedia files can be transferred easily and video conferencing is very easy now. The 3GP format is supported by all the systems like windows, MACs and Linux.

Despite the relative small size of 3GP format the quality of video is very good.3GP files can be easily converted to other formats like wmv,avi,mp4 etc  with the help of different software which are easily available on the internet. One major conversion nowadays is from DVD to 3GP which allows you to watch your favorite DVD movies on wireless devices which supports 3GP format. Also FLV to 3GP conversion is a vital one these days. It enables you to download videos from internet websites like YouTube or some other and then change its format to #GP after which you will be able to watch that video on your cell phone or PDA.
Today the use of Cell phone has been increased enormously. More than 90% of these cell phones play videos in 3GP format. Thus you need to convert the videos before watching them in your cell phone. It is expected that in the near future full length and high quality videos are available from the internet in the 3GP format. This enables you to watch all the TV shows, different plays and much more on your cell phone screen.
If you are searching for videos that can be watched on your mobile phone, you might look for the cell phone’s company website for supported videos as your first option. There you may find some small videos or video trailers. Some companies make available these videos free for all while some may charge for downloading these videos, you can use 3GP Player to watch 3GP videos.
If you want to download full length 3GP videos, you may go to some specific 3GP videos websites. These websites offer you free 3GP videos which might include some funny ones, popular TV commercials and many more. You can easy download these 3GP videos and put them in your mobile phone. Moreover if you don’t find your required video anywhere on the internet than you might download some suitable converter like 3GP Converter which convert most of the latest formats into 3GP after which you can easily watch your favorite video on the cell phone.

3GP is the simplified version of the well-known Mp4 format. This is mainly to reduce the size of the original video to a considerable extent and thus can easily be seen in low memory mobile phones. The most common extensions in which 3GP files come are .3gp and .3g2. As 3GP files are the compressed form of Mp4 file, thus the size of 3GP file is significantly reduced. This makes the 3GP format perfect for the cell phones whose may not have a considerable memory.



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